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Air Duct Cleaning Houston TX, Should Be Done the Right Way.


You need air-duct-cleaning-Houstonto focus on a good Houston air duct cleaning Services plan because the air ducts in your home can be extremely valuable to your health.

You’ll need to get your air ducts professionally cleaned your every year so you can keep the effects of dirt, dust and allergens from being much of an issue.

Key Cleaning and Restorations Services recommend that you replace your Air Filter every 30 days to prevent dust from getting in to your air duct and then to your home and also after your yearly  Air Duct Cleaning Houston TX process


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Changing your air filter will also allow better airflow to your HVAC system which will help extending the life of your HVAC system and money saving on your electric bill.

The problem with your air ducts is that according to the national Air Duct Cleaners Association, the average 6-room house collects 45 pounds of dirt, dust and allergens in its air ducts each year. Also, there is a likelihood of your air ducts to pick up cigarette smoke and other things that you might track into your home or on your clothes. These are especially dangerous to children, the elderly and those with breathing problems


When Should you call  KEY AIR DUCT CLEANING In HOUSTON TX for a professional cleaning ?

The following are a few examples :

* People who have allergies or asthma in particular.

* People who would like to improve the air quality at their home.

* Places that have been remodeled or renovated need to be cleaned.

* Moving into a new home that hasn’t been used for a while and could have things building up in the ducts.

* When you dust your furniture and a day after everything is dirty again.




Why choose us as your professional air duct cleaning service in Houston, TX ?We work with a truck-mounted vacuum system that uses a very high CFM in order to create enough power to extract all the dust, dust mites and debris from your duct work.

This extraction procedure is also stronger than a portable unit, so now compromise on the a mount of dust that will be vacuumed out from your duct.

This procedure is used to help you with keeping your HVAC system protected.

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